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10 Meaningful DIY Back to School Gifts For Teachers

10 Easy DIY Back to School Gifts For Teachers

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It’s back to school season! That means it’s time to make creative and fun gifts we can welcome to our new or returning teachers. We’ve found some of our favorite DIY teacher gifts you can make with your little one for that super sweet personalized touch. I hope you all enjoy these back to school projects!

1. School Themed Mason Jars

We are keen on these fun school-themed mason jars to give as back to school gifts. Your offspring can paint the block colors while you add the details. Then you can fill them with supplies for the teacher to start her new school year with! 

2. Cranberry Walnut Jar Cookies 

Homemade gifts always go down a treat–especially when they are a sweet treat! These Cranberry Walnut Jar Cookies in a jar are a great budget-friendly option, particularly if you need to be making heaps of batches. Measure out the ingredients and let your little one pour them into the jar. Complete it off with a personalized message using our gorgeous teacher card.

3. Stained Glass Candle Holders

These stained glass candle holders are so pretty and can be easily made using craft supplies you probably already have! Use paper punches to cut out a variety of shapes then get your child to apply them onto the glass. 

4. Pressed Flower Dish

These pressed flower dishes are a gorgeous teacher gift idea. Get your little one to pick their favourite flowers from your garden, and help with the painting once the clay has set! 

5. Fingerprint Flowerpot

Your kids will love helping you paint these adorable flowerpots. They can make a flower design using their fingerprints and help you pick out the flower or plant to pop in the pot once the paint has dried. 

6. Teacher Cards

It’s a great way to introduce yourself or just to make a teacher feel loved. Maybe you have a friend graduating and you want to make a fun and thoughtful homemade card for them as well.

7. T-shirt

We absolutely love our teachers and our school.  Make a shirt for the teachers just in time for back to school season to show them how much we appreciate them.

8. Coffee Mug

Fill a mug with some coffee tubes, hot chocolate sachets, or their favorite tea, so they are always prepared for their afternoon pick-me-upper! Check out our fantastic range of personalized mug designs, perfect for showing your appreciation for all their hard work throughout the year. 

10. Bead Bowls

DIY gifts are a great way to show your appreciation, and these Perler bead bowls are no exception. Cute, colorful, and super handy, they’re perfect for storing chalk, keys, or even paperclips in the classroom.

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