20 Easy DIY Cat Toys Your Cat Will Love

20 Easy DIY Cat Toys Your Cat Will Love

If you love cats, you know how much they love to play with toys. Cats are funny and have such unique personalities. Watching them play gives you hours and hours of entertainment and lots of laughs. But sometimes your cat may be picky about toys, or you may want to treat them to something new while sticking to your budget. Instead of going to the store or ordering an expensive toy online, you can make some fun and frugal DIY cat toys right from the comfort of your home, Check out these 15 Fun DIY Cat Toys!

If you’re wondering how to DIY cat toys, wonder no more! All the homemade toys on this list are easy enough to make that you can make them whether you are crafty or not.

1. Use Wine Corks To DIY Kitty Toys

I hope you’re saving your wine corks! In addition to these fun wine cork crafts, you can make some adorable wine cork kitty toys for your furry friend.
To make these adorable DIY cat toys, first, soften your wine corks by boiling and then make a hole in each of the softened wine corks. Using epoxy to make sure nothing comes loose, insert and stick some feathers, pipe cleaners, ribbon, jute, or anything else that will attract and keep your kitty busy for hours. Allow the toy to fully dry before giving it to your kitty.

2. Cute DIY Cat Scratching Post
No cat owner’s home is complete without a scratching post, but have you noticed how ugly some of those things are? Yikes
Say bye-bye to those hideous cat-scratching posts by making one of these. This ombre scratching post is pretty, pink, and will look fabulous in just about any room in your home.

3. Simple DIY Cat Toy With Empty Paper Towel Rolls
I don’t know about your cat, but our cat, Rosie, will make a toy out of just about anything. She goes crazy for these cardboard tube cat toys made with pom-poms and straws!

And that’s the best part of being a cat owner – cats actually don’t require fancy toys. Most prefer regular household items. Here’s how you can DIY cat toys for cheap!

What you’ll need:
Empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls
Pom Poms
Hot glue
To make the DIY cat toy using straws and an empty toilet paper roll, poke holes in the toilet paper roll, then put the straws through the holes. Put the straws in straight, up, or down to make it interesting. To make sure the straws don’t fall out, hot glue them at the points where they go throw the empty toilet paper rolls.

To make the DIY cat toy using pom poms, hot glue different sizes and colored pom-poms to the empty toilet paper roll.

4. DIY Conversation Heart Pet Toy
Let your cats be more healthy by playing with these soft conversation heart toys. Grab a paper heart template and then cut the felt heart shapes, sew them together and stuff them with polyfill. Finish with iron-on letters and then provide them to your cats to start the fun play.

5. Homemade Felt Macaron Cat Toys
Help release your cat’s boredom with these felt macarons that are colorful and will provide hours of fun for your kids. Grab the pastel felt, contrasting felt, pillow stuffing, catnip, and pencil to make these felt macaron DIY kitten toys. These DIY cat toys are super soft to touch.

6. Build a Cat Play Gym
Maintain the good health of your cats by installing this gym as a DIY cat toy that will be loved dearly by all cat lovers. Mainly the gym is made of wood with 1x2x8′ and 3/4” wood dowels. Next, you need 4′ of rope to control the leg stretch. Finally, hang the colorful lengths of ribbon on a threaded dowel.

7. Easy DIY T-shirt Cat Toy
Recycle your old t-shirts and make these candy-like handmade cat toys, they will raise the fun of your cats and are super quick to make. using 2-3 t-shirts, you can make dozens of these DIY cat toys. Just take the t-shirts into strips and then roll them up and tie a knot in the center. Pretty simple and quick

8. DIY Felt Mouse Cat Toy
Let your cats practice the mouse hunt at home using these felt mouse cat toys. They are super quick and easy to build. Just grab a mouse template and cut the felt pieces, do a little needle and thread work to sew the sides and add the eyes and nose using a colorful twine and add matching thread as the tail of the mouse.

9. Feather Cat Toy
One more amazing inspiration to make fun-making cat toys. Grab a feather template and use it to cut feathers out of feeling sheets. Cut fringes insides of feathers and add jump rings for jingle bell hanging embellishments. Finally, get these jingle bell feathers on to a piece of rope to hang on the wall hooks.

10. DIY Cat Tent
While this DIY isn’t a cat toy, we know that every cat needs a place to hide — a little sanctuary to get away in when the house becomes too busy.
A DIY t-shirt cat tent is just the ticket! Simply make it with wire clothes hangers (to shape the tent) and an old t-shirt. DIY’ing cat toys and stuff for your kitty couldn’t get easier than this!

11. DIY Ribbon Cat Toy
Make this another colorful toy for your cat using a handful of supplies. Just put together some colorful ribbons and faux feathers on a wooden ruler, and on a piece of rope to build this cat toy. The cats will love to jump high to play with this toy, and this will help build strong muscles in them.

12. DIY Paper Mache Kitty Toys
This clever cat owner created paper mache kitty toys out of hollow papier mache shapes, catnip, and twisted paper. I can’t get over how cute they look. And neither will your kitty!

13. Fishing Pole Cat Toy
You will love making this fishing pole cat toy at home, will be complete in no time. Use the felt and a fish template to make the fish and stuff them up with catnip or polyfill. Use matching embroidery floss to stitch the sides. Get them onto a 16” dowel and use a thin rope as a fishing line.

14. Hanging Cat Scratcher

with catnip or polyfill. Use matching embroidery floss to stitch the sides. Get them onto a 16” dowel and use a thin rope as a fishing line.

14. Hanging Cat Scratcher
Upcycle the vintage graters also to make lovely DIY cat toys like this hanging at scratcher. Take a piece of canvas cloth to cover the bottom of the grater and then wrap the fabric all around the grater like a bandage. Finally, wrap the rope around the fabric-covered grater and get a lovely cat scratcher.

15. DIY Junk Food Cat Toy
Help your cats to be more social by providing these junk food cat toys, and they are too soft and cuddle to calm a scared cat. Here you need the felt in colors of choice, junk food templates, and loose catnip to make this junk food cat toy. Use the yarn needle and embroidery thread to stitch the sides of stuffed toys.

16. Kit Tea Catnip Cat Toys
Reduce the biting and scratching of your cats by providing these kit tea catnip cat toys. They are quick and cheap to make, and you can even use leftover fabric and felt to make these kit tea catnip cat toys. You need fabric, catnip, felt, string, and poly-fil to make these plush cat toys.

17. Felt Sushi Cat Toy
If your cats do great damage to your furniture and plants by biting and scratching, then reduce this bad habit of them by providing these stuffed felt sushi. They are quite fun-making plush toys for the cats to make in no time. You need wood blend felt, embroidery floss, and catnip to make it.

18. Traffic Cone Cat Scratching Posts
The cats just love to scratch by nature, so you can start a never-ending fun of them by making these traffic cone cat scratching posts for them. This will help reduce scratching and biting of your cats too. Just spray paint the traffic cones white, wrap the rope around them, and use glue to secure them in place. Adorn it more using pom-poms.

19. DIY Cat Condo from a Stool
This cat toy will complete in just 20 minutes and require a medium skill level. Just grab a stool and over its padded sea and bottom footrest or shelf with at fabric. Adorn it more with eyelash yarn and wrap them around the stool legs to get the scratching posts. Boost its fun by adding cat toys on a stick.

20. DIY Cat Toys Using Old Baby Socks
How to make cat toys out of household items? Repurpose the baby socks too to make fun-making toys for your cats. Here you only need a handful of supplies to make these cat toys, the great stash buster project. Stuff the old baby socks with scrap paper or cardstock and then tie the string or yarn around the opening to get them closed.

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